What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a HTML5/CSS3 framework which allow you to create and write poster or slides for scientific communication, with an up-to-date, widely used and spread, technology.

What can I do with Vinyl?

Take a look at these examples:

You can also look for the real documents done with Vinyl:

What else?

Why cannot I write articles with Vinyl?

Vinyl was aimed to beat LaTeX in all ways, but since the beginning, time has passed and some document types are very difficult to realize with HTML/CSS.

It is particularly the case for double-column article. HTML was not designed to handle page break and co. Until now, you have to give a point to LaTeX for this.

But nothing is lost. The CSS Book group is working on implementing all required features to write a book with HTML/CSS and to write an article also.

When this will be mature, no doubt that Vinyl will use this specification to allow you to write any kind of document! Just be patient. :-)

I use another slideshow framework, can I use it with Vinyl?

We already tried to integrate ImpressJS with Vinyl. But it is not a very easy to use framework, so we stopped to support it.

If you want a particular framework to be integrated, feel free to contribute, or at least to open an issue.